A part of this film was financed via Startnext. Through the 44-day-campaign which ran from August 8th until September 22nd 2013, we raised the total sum of 18.318 €.
Through this, we were able to finance the post-production of the film, such as the color grading, the audio mastering and other post-production costs. We also have to pay for the distribution, the DVD production, the music rights and the age rating.

After the regular release we will work on an educational version of the film that can serve as a teaching tool to convey the essential aspects of veganism easy and understandable.

Thank you for the Basic Support:
Thomas Taruian Strutzenberger, Jakob Reinke, Lena, barbara christine kindler, Kai Muckenheim, Nicole M. Fishlock, Jürgen Sting, Quiet Vegan, jlmariapril, Johanna Bossa, Clark Tyrell, Pierre.

The film will have a theatrical run in a few selected cinemas in Germany and I will screen the film on a tour through the US and Europe. In early 2014 the DVD will be released and at the same time the film will be available as a stream and digital download. We will of course keep all supporters posted via Startnext!