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On May 23rd, Live and Let Live was released on DVD. The DVD includes the film including subtitles in 13 languages as well as five additional interviews with Tom Regan, Melanie Joy, Gary Francione, Jonathan Balcombe and Will Potter.
We also produced an exclusive special, where we visited all of our 6 protagonists two years later to see what happened in the lives of humans and animals since we shot the first interview.
In total you can find 60 minutes of extra material on the DVD. Here are a few images from the special:

We wanted the DVD to be an eco-friendly product. So we chose a case made of recycled cardboard instead of plastic. For the printing plant-based inks were used instead of oil-based ones. Due to the slipcase this box is just as sturdy as a regular plastic box. The tray inside was made from recycled plastic and the 16 page booklet was printed on recycled paper. And this is how the DVD looks like:


1 x DVD = 18 EUR

incl. 19% VAT
& international Shipping

Format: PAL, Regionfree
Menu language: German and English
Duration: 80 (Min.)
Distributed by: mindjazz pictures
Picture format: 1,78:1 (16:9)
Sound/Language: German, English (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Subtitles: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Greek
DVD-Start: May 23rd 2014
Extras: 5 additional Interviews (Tom Regan, Melanie Joy, Gary Francione, Will Potter, Jonathan Balcombe), Two-years-later Special, Trailer (total: 60 Min.)
16 page booklet
Other features: DVD case & tray from recycled material, printed with plant-based ink