Host a screening!

You are interested in organizing a screening of Live and Let Live for the public, in your classroom or for your family and friends? We will supply you with everything necessary to set up a screening, advertise the event and to educate your community about veganism! And we will of course do our best to help you host a successful event! Below you can find all questions your might have and our answers. If you have further questions, please feel free to send us an eMail via the contact form!

How does it work?

We have put together a screening kit including checklists, the film and more! We’re also happy to support the screening in any way we can via our upcoming screenings on our website and social media channels. We’re happy to supply you with flier and poster templates for your event, as well as graphics for social media. We’ll even set up a facebook event for you!

Why organize a screening?

  • Educate your community about veganism!
  • Meet new people and make vegan friends!
  • Have vegan food samples and show your community that vegan food is delicious!
  • Cooperate with local vegan businesses and promote their products!
  • Have local press cover your event and spread the word on veganism!

Benefits of classroom screenings:

  • Use Live and Let Live to talk about about the ethical, environmental and health reasons of veganism
  • Explore the ethical dimensions of veganism and its philosophical theories & concepts
  • Discuss subjects such as anomal rights, speciesism or intersectionality


Where can I host a screening?

You have a lot of options. You can host an event at a local independent movie theater, café, DIY space, community center, local university, local library or wherever you like! The minimum requirement is a space with a few chairs or couches, and a chance to play the movie on a TV or projector. But you could also go large and host a screening in cooperation with your local theater including a Q&A afterward (with local vegan or animal rights activists) and food samples or even a vegan catering!

What’s in the screening kit?

  • one Live and Let Live DVD
  • a license to show the film publicly
  • a flier and poster template to promote your event
  • a template for a press release to send to the media
  • a checklist with options for advertising ideas
  • a custom Facebook invitation for your event
  • a listing of your screening through our website and mention in our newsletter

How much are screening kits?

That depends on the estimated audience size and whether or not you plan to show the film more than once:

    one-time screening license: 45 € ($61) | unlimited screenings license: 90 € ($122)

    one-time screening license: 90 € ($122) | unlimited screenings license: 240 € ($326)

    one-time screening license: 240 € ($326) | unlimited screenings license: 500 € ($680)

    I have a date and location for the screening! Whats next?

    That is awesome! We have prepared a form where you can submit the screening details to us:

    Register your screening!

    After submitting you can purchase the screening kit:

    One-time screening

    Number of seats:
    Screening location:

    Unlimited screenings

    Number of seats:
    Screening locations:

    If I have a small budget, do I still need to buy a screening kit?

    Yes. Only the kit will enable you to screen the film in cooperation with us and we’re here to help you making the event a success! We are sure that you will be able to cover the kits costs. You could charge admission, find a local vegan business to sponsor your event. Or find a local vegan restaurant to donate some food or snacks. Or even offer a dinner plus movie to attract more people! You can also buy the Live and Let Live DVD at a wholesale price and sell at the event.

    Is the movie appropriate for kids?

    The movie is rated for all audiences. It does not include any graphic images of animal abuse or slaughter.

    How much should I charge for admission?

    That depends – if you just want to cover your costs or for example donate exceeds to a sanctuary. It also depends on the size of the event, your event space and of course the overall costs your have. Whats always nice is a sliding scale where you for example say that a donation between 5 and 15 € is suggested. That way you can accommodate various viewers budgets.

    If I want to charge for the screening, how should I sell tickets?

    Your local movie theater might sell tickets themselves. You can also use EventBrite to sell tickets in advance or just have people pay at the door. If you are going to use EventBrite please use this link for Live and Let Live to receive credit! It might be a good idea to sell tickets online a little cheaper then at the day or door, that will encourage people to buy tickets early and you have a better idea of how many people to expect.

    How will I get people to come?

    From our past experiences it is safe to say that good marketing is the key to get people to come to your event. If you add things like food, a raffle or a dinner – this will help to attract more people.
    In our screening kit you will find more ideas on how to make the screening a success!