Translators wanted!

Help us find translators for the subtitles of Live and Let Live!
We’re currently working on the DVD for Live and Let Live. Our goal with this documentary was to present all the facts and reasons for a vegan lifestlye without making people watch gruesome footage of animals being exploited and killed or coming across as ‘preachy’. So far, non-vegans who watched Live and Let Live said it helped them to make the next step towards a vegan lifestyle, which is great!
That’s why we want to make this documentary available to as many people as possible. And that’s why we need YOUR help! We’re looking for translators to help us translate the English subtitles into other languages. In return we’re offering DVDs, posters and t-shirts from the crowdfunding campaign. We’d also be happy to help you with organizing a screening of Live and Let Live in your city! You can get in touch via e-Mail: office @ letlivefilm . com
Please help us share this post! If you know anyone who think might be interested, please forward them this post. With your help we can make Live and Let Live a truly international documentary that will hopefully help people to go vegan. Thank you!



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A little glimpse into the future of Live and Let Live

It’s the end of the year and time again for a final blog post. Although not too much has happened, here is a small summary as well as a glimpse into the future of Live and Let Live.

We are currently working on getting the film into as many german theaters as possible. Unfortunately we could not find a distributor for the film, which means we’re contacting independent cinemas, ask if they are interested in screening the film, if so, send a screener and then try to find a screening date.
In January / February you will probably have the opportunity to watch the film in Bremen, Hannover, Muenster, Leipzig, Berlin, Freiburg and Hamburg. We’re of course trying to expand the list! If you want to help us – ask at your local cinema if they want to screen the film. In Karlsruhe, this worked so well that the film was shown twice 🙂
You can find the dates for all future performances on the “At the movies” Page.

For all of you who wonder when the DVD will be released – we’ve just started working on it and will try to release the DVD with as much extras as possible in April. Once we have a final release date, the DVD will be available for pre-order at The rewards for all startnext supporters will be shipped on the release date.

Film Festivals
We’ve submitted the film to a number of international film festivals. Currently we’ve already sent out 10 applications and we’ll send out a couple more soon.

At the International Movie Database IMDb you can now find lots of detailled information on the film, especially regarding cast and crew. Those of you who have already seen the film can rate it there too.

U.S. Premiere
We’re still working on the U.S. premiere of Live and Let Live in Portland, Oregon. Afterwards the film will go on a short U.S. tour. A short European tour is also in the works.

If you don’t want to miss anything, check out the top right of the page where you can sign up for the Live and Let Live newsletter.

That’s all for now. Thanks to all of you who supported the film in 2013! Happy new year and all the best for 2014.




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