Newsletter #2

Hey everyone!
since our last newsletter I’ve already travelled a lot across Germany with the film and I’m really excited for the US & Canada tour in April. Here are the latest news from our office:


Our filmtour has been a huge success so far! Live and Let Live has been screened 20 times so far with a total of 1122 visitors! Coming up are more cities in Germany, our Switzerland Premiere and of course the US & Canada Premiere and more! You can find all screenings on our website:

DVD Extras

Over the past two weeks I’ve put together the extras for the DVD. The interviews we did with Tom Regan, Melanie Joy, Gary Francione, Jonathan Balcombe or Will Potter were so interesting and it was very hard to reduce these sometimes 1 1/2 hr interviews to a few minutes for the film. So I am really happy that they will find a space on the DVD.
Tomorrow we’ll be on our way to Hof Butenland to film a little special for the DVD where we will show you what happened over the past two years in the lives of the human and non-human stars of Live and Let Live!
The DVD will be available on May 23rd from our website!

Until our next newsletter,
Marc & the Live and Let Live team



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Newsletter #1

Live and Let Live in theaters!
While Live and Let Live will be screened in selected movie theaters across Germany, we are preparing a small US and Canada screening tour in April. The US premiere is currently scheduled for Sunday, April 13th at the CST in Portland, Oregon. We’ll post more dates on the website once they are confirmed. We’re also planning a few screenings across Europe. More soon!

For all of you who live too far away from our screenings – Live and Let Live will be out in Europe on DVD & VOD on May 23rd 2014. mindjazz pictures has picked up the rights for Live and Let Live. Yay! Its a small label from Cologne, Germany, which specializes in documentaries that raise questions, offer different perspectives and are good entertainment. The DVD will be available for preorder and in a special edition on our website soon!

We’re happy to let you know that the subtitles for Live and Let Live are currently being translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian and Croatian! A big thank you goes out to all those who are helping to make the film availabe to more and more people! If you are interested in translating Live and Let Live into other languages, please get in touch: Thanks!



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Translators wanted!

Help us find translators for the subtitles of Live and Let Live!
We’re currently working on the DVD for Live and Let Live. Our goal with this documentary was to present all the facts and reasons for a vegan lifestlye without making people watch gruesome footage of animals being exploited and killed or coming across as ‘preachy’. So far, non-vegans who watched Live and Let Live said it helped them to make the next step towards a vegan lifestyle, which is great!
That’s why we want to make this documentary available to as many people as possible. And that’s why we need YOUR help! We’re looking for translators to help us translate the English subtitles into other languages. In return we’re offering DVDs, posters and t-shirts from the crowdfunding campaign. We’d also be happy to help you with organizing a screening of Live and Let Live in your city! You can get in touch via e-Mail: office @ letlivefilm . com
Please help us share this post! If you know anyone who think might be interested, please forward them this post. With your help we can make Live and Let Live a truly international documentary that will hopefully help people to go vegan. Thank you!



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In memory of Robert Goodland

Yesterday I received the sad news that Robert Goodland has passed away. We interviewed Robert in May of 2012 in Washington D.C. for Live and Let Live.
Robert became a professor in 1974 at the University of Brasilia, where he established a program to teach tropical ecology and environmental assessment. Then he moved to the Instituto Nacional de Pesquiasas da Amazonia in Manaus, where he designed Brazil’s first graduate course in applied tropical ecology. That led Robert to co-author the book Amazon Jungle: Green Hell to Red Desert. It attracted much favorable review, and became viewed as a seminal work in the birth of the international environmental movement.
In 1978, Robert became the first full-time ecologist at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. As Lead Environmental Advisor for the World Bank Group, Robert bolstered his policy work with sectoral work. This included stopping the World Bank Group from financing projects involving tobacco and asbestos. It also included avoiding the worst types of agricultural and forestry projects, such as those featuring land colonization, transmigration, and logging and ranching in tropical forests.
After Robert’s official retirement from the World Bank in 2001, he was recruited to play a key role on the independent Extractive Industries Review at the World Bank Group. The review concluded with recommendations for various ways to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. He also served as a senior fellow at the World Resources Institute, where he co-authored a report on human rights.
To his last days, Robert continued to build on his work with Jeff Anhang on a 2009 article entitled “Livestock and Climate Change,” which assessed how replacing some livestock products — and reforesting land thereby freed from livestock and feed production — could be the only pragmatic way to stop climate change before it might be too late. This work became widely cited, including by Bill Gates and by Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday campaign. Robert was invited by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization to speak about this work in Rome and in Berlin, and by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to deliver a keynote speech in Beijing. To develop further awareness, Robert worked to launch a website called “Chomping Climate Change.”



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