Live and Let Live to be released in US

Live and Let Live - US DVDOn September 9th, Live and Let Live will be released on DVD in the US. The US edition includes subtitles in 5 languages (spanish, italian, portuguese, polish, german) and 60 minutes of extra material including additional interviews with Tom Regan, Melanie Joy, Gary Francione, Jonathan Balcombe and Will Potter, as well as a special following up on what has happened in the lives of the six protagonists during the two years since they were first interviewed.
The DVD features an eco-friendly cover case made of recycled cardboard instead of plastic, recycled plastic tray and a 8-page booklet printed on recycled paper. Plant-based inks were used instead of oilbased for printing.

You can order it from Food Fight! Grocery, our favourite vegan online store or Amazon now!

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