Newsletter #2

Hey everyone!
since our last newsletter I’ve already travelled a lot across Germany with the film and I’m really excited for the US & Canada tour in April. Here are the latest news from our office:


Our filmtour has been a huge success so far! Live and Let Live has been screened 20 times so far with a total of 1122 visitors! Coming up are more cities in Germany, our Switzerland Premiere and of course the US & Canada Premiere and more! You can find all screenings on our website:

DVD Extras

Over the past two weeks I’ve put together the extras for the DVD. The interviews we did with Tom Regan, Melanie Joy, Gary Francione, Jonathan Balcombe or Will Potter were so interesting and it was very hard to reduce these sometimes 1 1/2 hr interviews to a few minutes for the film. So I am really happy that they will find a space on the DVD.
Tomorrow we’ll be on our way to Hof Butenland to film a little special for the DVD where we will show you what happened over the past two years in the lives of the human and non-human stars of Live and Let Live!
The DVD will be available on May 23rd from our website!

Until our next newsletter,
Marc & the Live and Let Live team



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