Newsletter #1

Live and Let Live in theaters!
While Live and Let Live will be screened in selected movie theaters across Germany, we are preparing a small US and Canada screening tour in April. The US premiere is currently scheduled for Sunday, April 13th at the CST in Portland, Oregon. We’ll post more dates on the website once they are confirmed. We’re also planning a few screenings across Europe. More soon!

For all of you who live too far away from our screenings – Live and Let Live will be out in Europe on DVD & VOD on May 23rd 2014. mindjazz pictures has picked up the rights for Live and Let Live. Yay! Its a small label from Cologne, Germany, which specializes in documentaries that raise questions, offer different perspectives and are good entertainment. The DVD will be available for preorder and in a special edition on our website soon!

We’re happy to let you know that the subtitles for Live and Let Live are currently being translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian and Croatian! A big thank you goes out to all those who are helping to make the film availabe to more and more people! If you are interested in translating Live and Let Live into other languages, please get in touch: Thanks!

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