Translators wanted!

Help us find translators for the subtitles of Live and Let Live!
We’re currently working on the DVD for Live and Let Live. Our goal with this documentary was to present all the facts and reasons for a vegan lifestlye without making people watch gruesome footage of animals being exploited and killed or coming across as ‘preachy’. So far, non-vegans who watched Live and Let Live said it helped them to make the next step towards a vegan lifestyle, which is great!
That’s why we want to make this documentary available to as many people as possible. And that’s why we need YOUR help! We’re looking for translators to help us translate the English subtitles into other languages. In return we’re offering DVDs, posters and t-shirts from the crowdfunding campaign. We’d also be happy to help you with organizing a screening of Live and Let Live in your city! You can get in touch via e-Mail: office @ letlivefilm . com
Please help us share this post! If you know anyone who think might be interested, please forward them this post. With your help we can make Live and Let Live a truly international documentary that will hopefully help people to go vegan. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Translators wanted!

  1. I volunteer to translate the english subtitles into spanish (Castillian). I have experience with Subtitle Workshop and can deliver an .srt file. All I ask in return is that my work gets recognised (with a certificate, mention, etc.)

    Please contact me if interested at the email address mentioned above.

    Kind regards,

    Leonor Menéndez

    • Hi Leonor, thanks so much for the offer! But we already have someone working on the translation into spanish! All the best, Marc

  2. If you have not yet Italian subtitles, I would like to offer my help and try to organize a screening of your movie in my city (Palermo). I am vegan and I agree with your way to give this important message without “cruelty”.

  3. Not sure whether you’ve find someone already for Dutch, French and/or Polish, Hindi subtitles, but in case you don’t… happy to serve you!

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